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  1. Not really into this opening, like I was of the prior film but I have a few thoughts about it. I love the opening scene of the inferno fire and then the camera pulls back to reveal the steam stove. Also, the co-engineer lights one cigarette after another, "smokes like a fright train" . The speed of the fright train seems to represent how they propel the story in a rapid forward motion, almost warning you of the racing pace the film is going to reveal itself. The long black train tunnel submerses the audience into an experience of black dread, lending the feeling of fear and anticipation of t
  2. In the first few minutes of the opening scene, you get the sense that your not alone, kinda like a heavy cloud hovering over you. The bleakness of the lack of the light in the scene (typical noir style) echoes the same sense. The lack of light and grimness of the scene is bold and is mostly reflected in the few seconds in the clip of the empty dingy staircase, where the camera waits patiently and for subject to enter the frame (behavior of stalker like characteristics). The camera is above, emphasizing on how small and helpless in stature and vulnerability of this group of children. The only
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