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  1. This opening clip with the scene of Mexican farm workers, "braceros" crowded together at the gate waiting and longing for a day of work brought to mind the scene in Elia Kazan's "On The Waterfront" where the Longshoremen also desperately seek a day worth of pay. There is such realism and stark depiction in both scenes. The Mexican farm workers as well as the Longshoremen know they are abused and exploited for their labor by the bandits that rob the "braceros" and the union that owns the longshoremen but like a dark tunnel with no visible light at the end they will continue to show up each day
  2. Rita Hayworth portraying the beautiful, sexy, luring Gilda all the perfect elements of a classic female Noir character. She finally gets Johnny's attention by playing it the only way she knows how and by the preconceived impression people have always had of her - a wanton woman. The music fuel's Rita seductive and sensual dance and watching how the movie subverts the production code in the dance number along with the frenzied sexual reaction of the men, again so much is implied in this showstopping scene yet nothing shown.
  3. Yes, I believe the first person POV was quite successful. This puts us in the shoes of the character you want to follow him and find out his story - who is he, why was he in jail.
  4. The moon over head opens to another hot, muggy, restless, and uncomfortable night illuminating the porch of the plantation where a shot rings out and a lone figures stumbles out followed by a close up of Bette Davis firing multiply shots at the stranger on the ground. When her workers reply with disbelief she takes full command of the situation with strict instruction and the viewer is left to contemplate what series of events could have led Bette Davis to commit this murder with such defiance and justification.
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