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  1. I think some of the first person POV shots and action in this opening do seem silly and contrived, not really making the story more interesting. But, I also think sometimes looking back on classic film, or any art form for that matter, that used innovative techniques for the time, can seem silly in light of contemporary art techniques (think canvas painted blue, or urinal hung upside down, innovative and masterful right?) At the time this film was made, this sort of first person, POV must have given a new and interesting perspective for viewers. I do agree the punching was a little lame, but I
  2. I can relate to that anticipation simply because I have film noir expectations! But I will say the way in which the camera moves seamlessly through the scene and the pleasant Southeast Asian rhythms do create a more calm, relaxed vibe that is abruptly shattered by the murder scene. Bette's cold, determined facial expression while continuously shooting her victim is also a stark contrast. I detected maybe slight shock in her from what she has just done, but definitely no remorse. I really enjoyed the way this opening sequence jumps right into the action and sucks the viewer into the story. It w
  3. The opening sequence of La Bete Humaine did give me a few feelings familiar from a noir film. Not knowing what is to come in this film, I can only say that the loud screams of the train's whistle, and continued load roar of the engine as it sped down the tracks created feelings of anticipation and anxiousness for me. The few moments going through the dark tunnel, only hearing the loud train noises, while knowing you are moving at high speeds, felt chaotic. It was an interesting look at a train ride, that might otherwise seem peaceful. The realistic look at the engine drivers was of a strenuous
  4. The black screen at the very first of the opening, forces the viewer to focus on the unsettling lyrics of the song the child is singing. Of course right away, as many have said, the innocent children playing a game about being murdered one by one leaves you feeling creeped out, for lack of a better phrase. There is lots of foreshadowing going on up until the moment of the murderer meeting his first victim of the film. It was interesting seeing this 1931 film for the first time after seeing so many modern movies that utilize many of the same foreshadowing techniques. One in particular, is seein
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