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  1. That was the most intense scene I have seen in a long time. With a mother who is trying to warn her daughter of a dark road shes about to go down, and a daughter who's made up her mind to get out of dodge at any cost, its amazing to see this scene unfold. The camera work definitely played a part in the tension. The use of the OTS shot (over the shoulder), and the close up to catch the emotion, that was classic moment of angst of youth, vs. the traditions of old coming to a head. It was boiling when the mother was not a fan of her getting the money the way she did, but it definitely went ther
  2. The psychology behind the scene is amazing. It was a man leaving an asylum, and I am thinking its another detective trying to catch a perp. That's awesome. It makes sense with his explaination of how watching the last minute. Who knew that he was being released from whatever mental breakdown he's recovering from... But, here's another question that came up... Is he putting on a facade? Is he soon to be released to do damage to the world? I love the questions that comes with this style of film.
  3. I love how the man, would not fall victim to the Femme Fatale... He "flipped the script" on her, if you will, by gaining the upper hand, and not falling for the pretty face. He also showed that his hands weren't clean by saying he was out for the kill, but he wasn't able to complete his job, so, he got the information that he needed by being slick, and using slight of hand. Locking the door, have her pull out her information, holding her hands while he checked, and then finally pinning her into a corner, until he got what he wanted. That just adds to the amazing style that is Film Noir. That i
  4. This really throws a wrench in the plans (per say)... To hear stories of this "Laura" girl, after her death, brings up so many questions. And what makes it even eerier, is the narriation that goes on as its happening before our eyes. Mr. Lydeker is actually writing his story as its unfolding in front of him, which brings up the question: "Is he guilty?" It's amazing writing, and structure to have the movie open this way. And to have such an idea of a character that is already dead, is brilliant. I am sure later in the movie, we do get a visual of Laura, and see who she is, but, for the Fe
  5. The one thing that I absolutely love about film, is how fast the technology has advanced in the genre... If it wasn't for this course, I would have never learned that the first use of POV (true POV) was used in this genre of film. The use of it is what you see used, commonly in everyday life, but to see it first used, and in such a way, was amazing. Things like that I love. It added tension because all you see is Vincent escaping, and nothing more. You see the cops speed by, you see the attempt to hide a shirt, and just trying to escape up the border... Tension was also added when the guy
  6. What stands out in this opening is the questions. Why was he killed? Why wasn't everyone surprised by the action of the lady? Why was the serenity of the plantation and the workers, all of a sudden, destroyed by a crime that they witnessed? That is where the importance of the genre lies, to me. It's amazing, the movies that I am being turned on to. and this has been a fun thing to learn! But the calm of the masses definitely stands out during the killing.
  7. The only thing that I can ask myself after watching the scene, and meditating on it... were the different views from outside the train to represent hostages being taken into that town? Hmmm... just a thought... anyways, just like yesterday, the simplicity of the scene is what stands out to me. It was just 2 conductors on a train, going from what seemed to be a beautiful country side, into a town where things seemed a bit unsettling. The shots of the train really stood out with the angles and the camera movements. Like I mentioned before, it is as if there are people tied to the train, loo
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