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    Freelance editor and blogger. I've been reading mystery and detective stories since I was a child. I read every Nancy Drew mystery I could get my hands on when I was young. Since taking Richard Edwards's "Summer of Darkness" course in the summer of 2015 and watching noir faithfully ever since, I think I can say that I am no longer new to film noir and neo-noir.

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  1. Everybody Knows (2018) starts in a bell tower, and the bell tower is one of the reasons everybody in town knows!
  2. Mad Max beyond Thunderdome (1985) Thunderdome Never Dies (2019), which has nothing to do with Mad Max, or so I hear. White Lightning (1973) Hit by Lightning (2014) Going Back to the Future (1985) wouldn't have been possible without lightning.
  3. I think the ending of Thelma and Louise qualifies.
  4. **** (2000), about Jackson ****; apparently TCM doesn't like the last name ****! Girl with a Pearl Earring (2003) The Goldfinch (2019) Van Gogh films: Lust for Life (1956), Van Gogh (1991), Loving Vincent (2017), At Eternity's Gate (2018), and it looks like there will be a new one in 2020 called simply Van Gogh.
  5. Shield for Murder (1954) Bull Durham (1988) "The Library" (1991), the Seinfeld episode when George gets his atomic ****
  6. To Have and Have Not (1944): the setting is Martinique. Affair in Trinidad (1952): the setting is . . . Trinidad and Tobago! Plunder of the Sun (1953) starts in Cuba, ends in Mexico.
  7. The Mighty Quinn (1989), starring Denzel Washington: The setting is Jamaica.
  8. Singin' in the Rain (1950): Don Lockwood and Cosmo Brown get their start in Hollywood working as stunt doubles.
  9. LonesomePolecat posted this for another category, but it works for repetitive "extended flashbacks" too, I think: Groundhog Day (1993) !
  10. The Big Clock (1946) It's a Wonderful Life (1946) No Way Out (1987)
  11. Out of Time (2003), starring Denzel Washington and Eva Mendes
  12. Lost & Found (2017), Irish film with 7 intersecting stories. I enjoyed it, but it's slow and methodical, not your average US film, that's for sure.
  13. The Big Lebowski (1998), with The Dude (Jeff Bridges)
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