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  1. So sad. Shy of her 100th birthday, too. She was great on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.
  2. Da Vinci's Inquest, television show from 1998 to 2005 set in Vancouver, British Columbia This first time I spotted this show on television, I thought it was a documentary. It inspired a spin-off, Da Vinci's City Hall, in 2005.
  3. The Apartment (1960): Shirley MacLaine leaves Fred MacMurray for Jack Lemmon on New Year's Eve. Happy New Year!
  4. Wind River (2017) takes place in Wyoming.
  5. A Woman's Face (1941) The television show Hogan's Heroes (1960s to 1970s): those Allied prisoners of war (POWs) spend most of their time in their bomber jackets and in the snow.
  6. Where'd You Go, Bernadette (2019)
  7. Black Robe (1991) Insomnia (1997, 2002) Winter's Bone (2010)
  8. This may be a bit of a reach, but much is made of poor Harry Bailey falling through the ice and being saved/not being saved by his brother George in It's a Wonderful Life. I just saw it again for the millionth time, and it is a film filled with (studio fake) ice and snow.
  9. The Cutting Edge (1992) Even though I always preferred the original, I'll list the sequels: The Cutting Edge: Going for the Gold (2006) The Cutting Edge: Chasing the Dream (2008) The Cutting Edge: Fire and Ice (2010)
  10. Then there's The Green Glove (1952, starring Glenn Ford.
  11. Did anyone mention the menacing hands of Count Orlok in Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror (1922)?
  12. I have to agree: I wish Eddie Muller would direct more people to these forums.
  13. Larger Than Life (1996), starring Bill Murray Water for Elephants (2011) And then there are the Asian elephants in China who have moved 300 miles north -- in China -- and are still on the move today (2021). They supposedly have their own video channel! I haven't found the video channel, but you can find them on YouTube. (I've been a day or more late for a while now, but I hope to catch up to Classic Categories at some point.)
  14. Blackboard Jungle (1955) To Sir with Love (1967) Sidney Poitier appears in both, stars in the latter.
  15. In The Mad Miss Manton, Barbara Stanwyck and friends run around town trying to solve a murder, and most of them, including Stanwyck, are wearing minks (or what look like minks).
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