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  1. Stranger on the Third Floor (1940) ends with a scene in a soda fountain. In the Strange Affair of Uncle Harry (1945), one of Harry's sisters and one of her friends gossip over ice cream cones at a soda fountain about the youngest sister and her hypochondria. In Tension (1950), Warren Quimby (Richard Basehart) is the manager of an all-night drugstore with a soda fountain. The Sniper (1952) tries to call his psychiatrist from a soda fountain.
  2. Shirley Valentine (1989) Transit (2018)
  3. The Letter (1940, with Bette Davis
  4. Oh, yes. One of my favorite movie titles of all time.
  5. The Upside of Anger (2005) Downsizing (2017)
  6. Boude Saved from Drowning (1932) Down and Out in Beverly Hills (1986) Both main characters in both films go from unshaven to clean-shaven back to unshaven.
  7. Macao (1952) Hiroshima Mon Amour (1959) Shanghai Surprise (1986)
  8. Rebecca (1940) Gaslight (1940, 1944)
  9. Moby Dick (1956) Whale Rider (2002) And there's that hilarious Seinfeld episode when George finds Kramer's golf ball in the spout of a whale.
  10. Safety Last! (1923): the iconic shot of Harold Lloyd clinging to a clock hand on the top of a skyscraper Fourteen Hours (1955): Richard Basehart threatens to jump from the fifteenth floor Barefoot in the Park (1967): Paul Bratter stands on the top of their tenement building to prove to his wife Corie that he is not a fuddy-duddy (I'm so glad this film can keep coming up in relevant categories!)
  11. I know this ClassiCategory is two days old, but I did think of another one: Bull Durham (1988). Annie Savoy has that big house with the front verandah (doesn't "front porch" sound better?) and the front "porch" swing. There's a lovely shot of the front of the house when Crash Davis comes a-callin', but the interior and exterior is showcased at the start of the film, too.
  12. Raw Deal (1948) Too Late for Tears (1949) No Way Out (1987) I'm guessing that many noir and neo-noir films would fall into this category.
  13. I think Tara in Gone with the Wind qualifies, even if most stills show a two-story-high roof over a ground-level porch. Perhaps the most famous veranda of them all!
  14. Phone Call from a Stranger (1952)
  15. I'm so glad that you posted this because I've been watching (and enjoying) these episodes of The Dick Van Dyke Show. I'm glad MeTV is doing this extended tribute to Carl Reiner. He deserves it!
  16. The Big Heat (1953), police and bad guy corruption The China Syndrome (1979), corporate corruption Silkwood (1983), more corporate corruption Dark Waters (2019), DuPont corporate corruption
  17. Desperately Seeking Susan (1985): Rosanna Arquette plays Roberta, who isn't a stranger to the audience but she's a stranger to Susan when she runs a personal ad signed "Stranger." She's also a stranger to herself because she suffers from amnesia!
  18. Nightmare Alley (1947) I see that I repeated Shutoo's mention of Can You Ever Forgive Me? so I'm adding this Tyrone Power movie before someone beats me to it! 😀
  19. The Spiritualist (1948), also known as The Amazing Mr. X Can You Ever Forgive Me? (2018), starring Melissa McCarthy
  20. Casablanca (1942): Rick's Cafe Born to Kill (1947): Claire Trevor (aka Helen Brent) meets Lawrence Tierney (aka Sam Wilde) at a casino and they are a perfect match for one another The Big Sleep (1946): Lauren Bacall (aka Vivian Sternwood) can't stay out of Eddie Mars's casino long enough to hold on to her winnings, until Marlowe keeps them for her
  21. Ritchie is pretty good in his scenes for the episode "My Husband Is a Check-Grabber." Rob learns that one of his bad habits is showing up in his son, and he and Ritchie learn a lesson about friendship. (Ritchie: "Ellen loves me for my own self," or something like that.) Ritchie comes across as just a cute little kid. He may not have been the best child actor. Spoiler alert: There's a great episode (Boy #1, Boy #2) where he and his friend Freddie audition for a commercial that Mel Cooley is directing, and neither one of them gets the part because they are both so bad!
  22. Eat Pray Love (2010), with Julia Roberts
  23. I prefer The Dick Van Dyke Show in black and white, but I still don't want to miss these back-to-back color episodes.
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