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Everything posted by Marianne

  1. Didn't see this before I posted about the 1954 version, but remakes count right? 😁
  2. It's a Wonderful Life (1946): the board of the Bedford Savings and Loan votes George Bailey in after his father's death. Sabrina (1954): Humphrey Bogart runs the family business from a swanky board room.
  3. How about Gilligan's Island? 😀
  4. The Black Stallion (1970) Gidget Goes Hawaiian (1961)
  5. Paper Moon (1973) Brighton Beach Memoirs and Stand by Me (1986) Mystic Pizza (1988) Avalon (1990)
  6. Alec Guinness was in The Quiller Memorandum, and I think you are referring to Robert Helpmann from The Red Shoes.
  7. I keep hoping a fourth in the Bridget Jones's Diary series will be released! I never get tired of them.
  8. Just thought of another one: To Sir With Love, starring Sidney Poitier
  9. Dan Duryea in Terror Street (1953) Zachary Scott in Wings of Danger (1952) I just saw The Quiller Memorandum (1966) starring George Segal with a cast of German actors and a Swedish actor!
  10. Love that picture of George Bailey with his guardian angel! How about Field of Dreams (1989), starring Kevin Costner?
  11. Your Sister's Sister (2011) starring one of my favorites, Mark Duplass and directed by Lynn Shelton, who passed away just three days ago, alas.
  12. BBC television series Call the Midwife American television series Julia, starring Diahann Carroll and Lloyd Nolan
  13. The English Patient (1996)
  14. How about Moone Boy? It's a television show created by Chris O'Dowd and it takes place in Ireland. It's supposed to be based loosely on his own experiences with his family and his classmates.
  15. How could I forget?! Annie Hall, with the parking lot crashes and the bumper cars at the amusement park.
  16. Angel Face (1953) Thelma & Louise (1991), which ends with one spectacular crash in stop-motion. Crash (2004)
  17. Strange Impersonation (1946): A strange film noir that is oddly absorbing.
  18. Born to Kill (1947) starts with a divorce and goes downhill from there! Phffft (1954) Divorce American Style (1967)
  19. The Window (1949) Rear Window (1954)
  20. Gilda Affair in Trinidad
  21. No Way Out (1987): Kevin Costner uses an escalator in a mall to get to Iman working in an upscale shop before two hit men find her; she has to go into hiding to save her life.
  22. And the television show, too!
  23. Down Three Mean Streets (1954) Experiment in Terror (1962) The Guilty (2018)
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