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  1. I don’t do Facebook- if I did I think I’d be joining the group!
  2. You bet! I’m a 3rd generation Pirates fan and my (adult) children have followed in my footsteps as have my 2 & 6 year old granddaughters.- the older one sang “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” when she was 3 & the younger is singing “Singing In The Rain” while pounding on her toy piano. I knew there was a tie in somewhere! How about a musical about baseball? Oh, they already did that! Lol
  3. I guess so-this year anyway! Subject to change at any time ⚾️! Going with the baseball theme & having nothing to do with musicals, there’s a cute movie about the Pirates done in 1951 called “Angels in the Outfield”-or maybe it’s a movie only a Bucs fan could love. Parts of the movie were filmed at the old Forbes Field.
  4. Ok- am I the only long suffering Pirate fan to give up watching their games? Ha- definitely worth it however!
  5. I’m in agreement with all of the above. Please bring us more! I participated in the film noir course which I also thoroughly enjoyed and learned so much from. I missed the Hitchcock course- can’t remember why but I think we were traveling- and would love to participate in that if ever offered again. I’m repeating what has already been said but thank you to all of the professors,TCM, and Ball State for providing such a terrific and free online course! ??
  6. From An American in Paris: Jerry Mulligan: That’s quite a dress you almost have on. Milo: Thanks. Jerry:What holds it up? Milo: Modesty.
  7. Thank you for the wonderful insights AcademeWriter, from another huge fan of AAIP and Gene Kelly. This is one of the things I love about this course- that we are exposed to information from other course members that we otherwise would not have access to.
  8. I’m joining the crowd here. I also find it difficult to do the analyzing whether I read others’ posts first or attempt to come up with my own ideas before reading other posts.I was pretty good at analyzing novels in English Lit. classes but this is different for me. I was never into analyzing for analyzing. That said, I am thoroughly enjoying this course and feel that I’m learning so much! I’ve always been a fan of musicals and black and white films. (I’ve always thought I was born in the wrong era! Lol) I’ve been doing all of the readings, watching the videos and seeing as many movies as my
  9. I think I remember reading somewhere that after Ginger wore the feather dress in Top Hat, Fred called her “Feathers” from then on. If not true, a good story!
  10. The main characters have the seemingly typical “I like you but I’m not going to show you that I do” reactions about them. The viewer knows already that these two will end up together in the end but what goes on in between to get them there? Stay tuned! Also Eddy’s and MacDonald’s characters are much funnier than I had noticed/given them credit for previously. I have seen Eddy and MacDonald in other movies, although I can’t be specific about which ones. The word “cheesy” always came to mind when thinking of them, but I think I was too hasty. I think if I saw the films now after learning a
  11. The numerous angles in this scene seem to jump out at me implying something's off kilter here but what exactly? Joseph Cotten's character obviously knows "Harry" but in what context? And who is the man that Cotten thought Harry was? The single light on Harry's face works so well and seems to give us a quick glimpse of Harry's character- a bit devilish and perhaps amused by all of this? And then he's gone but why? Cotten's comment was interesting and telling- "I followed his shadow." I think that phrase could be generalized to many film noir characters! I agree with at least one other poster- I
  12. I think the clip shows a contrast between the initial idea of the documentary and the musical score. While we're hearing the typical monologue of a documentary we're also hearing the contrasting music that builds to a crescendo that doesn't seem to jive together. Towards the end of the clip we understand where this is going to a certain extent and made me curious to see the rest of the film.
  13. I haven't seen the movie in years so will only comment on the clip. Gilda seems to be a desperate woman- desperate for Johnny's attention and desperate to be loved and is willing to use everything she has to get it. She gets his attention and is then unhappy with what she has set him up to do. No one wins in this scene. The music of course adds to the excitement and desperate feeling of the segment. Looking forward to seeing the movie with "fresh eyes"!
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