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  1. Dramatic opening of a movie if I say so myself! I had no preconceived notions of what this was about to entail nor did I look up who was in it. It was a pleasant surprise to see Bette Davis! The opening music, the dripping of the sap from the tree, the murmuring of the workers as some play games, others sleep... then sudden silence after the first gunshot. Not a peep from anyone or anything. Then more gunshots and the sudden commotion and noise is overwhelming to the senses, at the same time as the camera slowly zooms in on a calm and cool Davis. Once the moon disappears then reappears
  2. Watching this clip I made note of the following: The camera placement on the train, sound and editing were brilliant. With the limited technology (limited as we see it I suppose) they had to be quite inventive of how to capture moments. Even when the camera on the train with the conductors, you get a real sense of what their day would be like; the constant movement of the train, the extreme decibels and constant vigilance. The first 5 minutes alone was very real. Real humanity, real sounds, movement and people. No dialogue needed. The crescendo of music as the train arrives at the statio
  3. The looming dread in the first few minutes of this film are enough to fill you with anxiety. The children singing, the woman yelling at them to stop, tells the audience the children are naive about the circumstances occurring in their neighbourhood, but the adults are quite nervous. The lighting is set in a way that casts eerie shadows everywhere; the cuckoo clock, the long shadows of the children... and of course the man's shadow on the poster. I am excited to see the rest of this week's daily doses and the movie in it's entirety.
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