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  1. I have not seen this film before, but I’m already hooked. As a photographer I thought the entire sequence was gorgeous. Speaking to Richard Edward’s curator’s note I was more caught up in the contrast between the grace of the train moving down the track with the methodical and almost casual skill of the engineers bringing it into the station. There is an elegance to it, speed and power and grace matched with calculation and control. A lot to take from four minutes of film. And with such an arrival I simply have to know what the train is carrying, though I’m also convinced it can’t be anyt
  2. The overall background silence punctuated by the abrupt sounds of the children singing, the clock, the horn and the bouncing ball gave me a feeling of the emptiness of the lives of the people we were watching. The two women are low income, living in a tenement with very little in their lives of any value other than their children. Mixing the sound track with the gloomy visuals and the children’s rhyme made them seem vulnerable, the perfect targets for a predator or serial killer. Add to that Peter Lore's wonderfully creepy voice and I'm hooked. I also had a laugh thinking of how many time
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