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  1. The opening of "Dark Passage" was indeed tense! I had to stop it at 3:00 and catch my breath! The POV was certainly effective though I don't know how it would work in film today. With this POV, the viewer becomes Bogie, takes on the guilt for his crime and and is hoe for escape. As we stand in his shoes, long shots increase the tension: there is no looking away from the desperation and danger he is in. And, though this is a noir film, it is shot in the countryside on a bright, beautiful day. The open landscape and the lovely scenery are in contrast with Bogie's inner state. Freedom is bea
  2. Davis is wonderful! She lets him have it with a look of 'I have had enough of YOU' . But it seems to me that seething/cold expression is followed by fear: 'I've finally done it...omg...now what?' And she is back in control: 'an accident'. This momentary shift from realization to resolve is mirrored by the passage of the cloud across the moon. The music is lovely, hypnotic gamalon, so peaceful. Then everything changes, nothing will be the same. Is this one of the characteristics of Noir, the sudden, the irrevocable, the inevitable?
  3. I agree with The Working Dead', the movement of the train is inevitable...it's on a track, after all. The fire in the engine at the opening is not ominous to me but intense. The men are comrades and understand each other; the are capable and comfortable with this 'non-human beast'. As they arrive in Le Havre, there is triumphant music..a journey safely completed. We also see so many other engines, so many more journeys . This is to be the story of one.
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