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  1. I liked Mr. Edward's introductory comments about the film. To be honest it was always one of my least favorite Bogart films. IMO the first person P.O.V only works in the opening scene, then gets tiresome (except for maybe the scene with the plastic surgeon, for which I credit Stevenson). I'm going to watch this one again!
  2. Aside from the elegant sweep of the opening scene it is the strobe of emotion in the sequence that makes it noir - the live tree dripping, the light of the moon (good) dark of night (evil), etc., just fantastic! I thought it interesting that the only emotion Leslie shows is slight fear as the light of the moon exposes her, and she composes herself when the shadows return.
  3. The opening is powerful and unflinching. The viewers are made to feel welcomed, almost like a guest of the railroad being allowed to sit with the engineers & we are even permitted to glance out and see the tracks from the engineers perspective! So exciting! An earlier comment mentioned the screech of the brakes just as the music starts, I agree that this "signals" to us a change that is about to happen.
  4. The first few minutes of M conveys a feeling of weariness, not quite hopelessness (the adults are working, the children are playing) but it’s the kind of tiredness that makes people sloppy in their choices. (the mother who doesn't pick up her daughter but takes the time to set a nice table.) The use of the camera movement in the opening minutes brings the audience into the story, and it also communicates the tremendous stress the murderer has brought upon the community. Simply genius.
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