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  1. In the opening scene of The Big Sleep, the audience learns a lot about how the family Bogart will be working for is like; somewhat strange and leaving Bogart and the audience with a lot of questions. I found it very mysterious the choice to have Bogart deliver his line of who he was behind the front door so you do not see him until the butler invites him in. This adds a lot of intrigue into the scene, and is a contrast to the entrance of Sternwood's daughter, Carmen.
  2. The credits and the opening scene are almost exact opposites. Based on the music and font of the credits, there was an expectation of the first scene to lead into something dark and menacing. However, the opening scene resembled a MGM Traveltalk on California. It was very unexpected however it added the question, "Ok, when is this story going to pick up to the dark and menacing storyline that the opening credits alluded to?". Seems very interesting and a must see!
  3. I found it very interesting how the audience could not see the face of the man the characters referred to as "Swede" or "the Swede". It added suspense to the scene because you could not see his facial expression and makes you wonder who is this mysterious man and why are people hunting him down. Its very intriguing and makes me want to see this film.
  4. I agree the song is adding tension yet telling Gilda's story. She is doing the exact opposite of what Johnny wants her to do while explaining to him this is exactly who he married. She appears hurt, vulnerable and at her lowest low. It's an entrancing scene that grabs the audience, perhaps her overall intention.
  5. How does Curtiz arrange these two actresses to heighten the tension of the scene? Pay attention to how they move and how they are framed in the scene, especially the use of close-ups. As the tension in this scene increases, the close-ups become tighter. For example, when Veda explains to her mother that the reason she wants the money is so she can get away, the camera is tight on Veda making it very uncomfortable for the audience because they want to get away from the bratty and cruel ridicule she is giving her mother. Another example is when Veda slaps her mother for ripping the check ,a
  6. In what ways can this opening scene from Ministry of Fear be considered as an important contribution to the film noir style? The opening scene from Ministry of Fear is an important contribution to the film noir style because right from the get co, with just a few short seconds into the film, various questions start popping up. Such as why is ray Milland alone in the corner of a dark room looking at a clock? Is he waiting for someone? The statement the man makes when he enters the room that Milland is in sparks questions,"I have always meant to have that sped up" (referring to the clock). A
  7. In what ways can this scene from Murder, My Sweet be considered as an important contribution to the film noir style? It is safe to say that this scene catches your attention. Phillip Marlowe wastes no time in finding out exactly who Ann Grayle is and her real purpose for seeing him. This falls into the film noir style because it is expected yet unexpected that a detective would act this way: locking the door, the line about, "do you do your own typing" as a distraction so he could empty out her purse. These actions make you question whether he has a history of being followed or questioned
  8. In what ways can the opening of Laura be considered as an important contribution to the film noir style? The opening question, "I will never forget the weekend Laura died", alone, strikes a lot of questions. The opening of Laura can be considered an important contribution to the film noir style because it sets the audience up for a roller coaster of a ride with various twists, turns and questions as to where the story is going. The first time I watched this film, with its title being Laura, I did not expect for the first line to tell me that Laura had died. It grabs your attention, and kee
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