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  1. Rita Hayworth definitely captivated her audience in this film clip. She demonstrates how a woman can draw people in and exert control over them. In film noir, this can be crucial for the femme character. I never thought of jazz music as being noir but when played in certain tones, it can have a creepy effect. I have seen this movie before but I didn't realize what was being said in this song. I guess it is jazz noir!!
  2. From the start, both this film and M, present a feeling of dread and waiting. The pendulum on the clock is kind of unnerving as he sits and stares at it. It's almost as if watching the swinging pendulum is going to cause a psychotic outbreak of some kind. It definitely has the tone of film noir. The anticipation of something bad happening and wondering what it will be. I love it!
  3. I think it is obvious from the start that Marlowe is a keen detective. He makes sure that he gets a chance to talk to and observe the woman in his office. Instead of just believing every little thing she says because she seems honest/timid, he pays close attention to her behavior and appearance. Marlowe calls her out on the real reason she came in to see him. The noir aspect, I feel, is Marlowe's willingness to be tough and get to the truth regardless of how he has to do it.
  4. I have seen this movie in its entirety but concentrating on this specific clip reveals points that I did not notice before. Mildred has gone out of her way and pushed herself hard in order to provide a nice life for her daughter. Veda shouldn't have wanted for nothing but she is greedy. The noir effect is the fact that Mildred was pushed to the point of hating her own daughter and the fact that Veda is evil enough to use any and everybody she has to in order to get what she wants. It is a 'dark' plot because most mother/daughter relationships are close in a special way.
  5. The opening line of Laura is an instant attention-grabber. Then we follow the detective as he takes mental notes of the furnishings. There is a distinct personality contrast between Lydecker and the detective. The detective is trying to gather facts and Lydecker has a smug, superior, know-it-all attitude that is reflected in his manner/speech. The viewer's curiosity is peaked with wanting to know how all of this will piece together. The contribution to film noir, I think, is the use of spoken information rather than the use of scenery or the unknown to captivate the audience.
  6. The use of the 1st person POV gives the viewer a chance to feel involved and become immersed in the movie. I believe that this technique was effective for a film such as this. We get to 'be' the character on the run. Later in the movie, we learn why this POV was necessary. In my opinion, I think the director made the right decision in doing this.
  7. I have seen this movie before but this is the first time I concentrated on the opening scene. The gunshots shock the serenity of this beautiful night. Bette Davis's expression gives nothing away. Instead, the viewer is instantly drawn into the movie with a desire to learn the reason/reasons behind the killing of this man.
  8. The absence of speech reveals the 'tunnel vision' of the train conductors as being engrossed with their job and paying little attention to anything else. As the train goes into the blackness of the tunnel, the audience has an eerie feeling that something sinister is about to happen. This approach in filming encompasses the viewer with anticipation. You want to continue watching to see what will happen.
  9. I feel that the simplicity of the scene is what instills the fear. People trying to live their normal daily life while a killer is loose in the neighborhood. The 'shadow' of the bad man in black plays on our fear of the unknown. This type of film-making laid the groundwork for many thrillers to come.
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