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  1. Am I the only one here having trouble viewing the Daily Doozies? Are the Daily Doses of Doozy working for you? Mine don't, and I don't know why - thanks! The Gag Vimeos work fine though.
  2. The scene on the stairs is great - the daughter stands above Joan, very symbolic, since Veda considers herself above her mother. Quite some paralells between this film and Joan's relationship with her own daughter.
  3. Compared with M, the opening of Ministry has a foreboding to it, very stylish with the use of darkness more than light. Lang was a major influence on Hitchcock, and Hitchcock took a lot of Lang's style, but I felt in the final moments of the film that Lang was emulating Hitchcock, with a quick Hollywood studio style wrap-up. Very enjoyable film, Milland is good as always. People like that M didn't have a soundtrack. It must be remembered that wall to wall soundtracks weren't really used in early sound films.
  4. Marlow doesn't have to follow rules as a police detective would, leaving himself open to beatings and possible legal problems. He is a Palladin, a Knight Errant with a taste for Bourbon. The book is so much more grittier, but the film follows it very closely.
  5. "Don't touch that stuff, it's priceless" sums it up. Clifton in the tub, Dana a bit thrown off. Clifton asks for a washcloth, Dana throws it in the tub. Watch Dana carefully as Clifton gets out of the tub. Dana glances down and smirks. Clifton is an obviously gay character that has done the unthinkable - fallen for a woman, and that becomes his downfall when he confronts himself with that realization and his overpowering ego.
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