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  1. The opening scene of the barrel tumbling down the hill immediately puts you in the action. The noise of the sirens leads us to believe it is a prison break. The narrations and the POV of the main character in the opening give us the sense that he is the escaped convict. The driver of the car adds to the mystery by all the questions he is asking of the escapee. Loved watching Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall in Key Largo, can't wait to see this film.
  2. Not surprised at all by the opening of the film due to being a Bette Davis fan. The slow pan of the camera over the plantation grounds and workers quarters set up the scene for something ominous to happen right away. The sound of the gun interrupted the tranquility of the workers down time and set the tone for mystery and intrigue. The clouds rolling over the moon and taking away the light was symbolic to the death of Mr. Hammond as he died the light went out. I can't wait to see this film.
  3. The opening scene was very interesting but did not seem to me to have a film noir aspect. The speed of the train, the darkness of the tunnel and the sounds from the train seem to portray emanated danger. The Engineers gave the impression of working together for a long time due to the absence of communication via talking. Their jesters and actions were in sync.
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