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  1. Good call ! What do you make of the satanic "judge" lowering his gavel on the head of the prosecutor? I couldn't quite read that one
  2. My DVR is overheating from all the rewinding and replaying of scenes in Stranger on the Third Floor. I noticed more film noir elements per minute of film there than anything else Ive seen in years. I'd like to share a couple of gems that I missed the first time through. (no spoilers ahead) In the dream sequence, look for the prosecutor to give the hitler salute twice. There could have been no more evil thing for the symbol of the state's power and vengeance to do than to invoke the man who at the time the scenes were being filmed, was setting fire to Europe. This is a potent connection
  3. I've seen this movie several times and (no spoilers ahead) I've come to the point where I don't just see through his eyes, I AM the convict in the barrel, I'm dizzy from the roll down the hill, I'm terrified of being caught. This technique is an invitation to me to be IN the film, not just an observer. It helps me to experience everything more deeply than if I'm just sitting in my seat in the theater. Also, the circus tent seat cover might as well be a load of venetian blinds. I love that as an early tag as well. Danger Ahead!
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