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  1. I always like this movie , the time has changed but the story is the same ,we see it everyday in our society. It's a perfect film noir melodrama you got the sense -true life-.It's interesting how the cinematographer used the light and angles to shot the scenes in the beach house. The dialogue was strong.
  2. Neal is a free man ,for him to see and to ear the last sound of the clock was a joy, but the Dr. warned him to be out of trouble ,plus adding the squeaking sound of the door. I noticed the shadows and lightening of the shots.
  3. When Mr. Marlowe met Miss Grayle in his office.He acted paranoid ,closing the door behind him and then through her things when he emptied her purse and found out her real name .A different way of approaching.
  4. Waldo Lydecker an eccentric man like his house full of unusual things. The way how started describing the scene . If the definition of film noir as a genre then it's Detective, he has a fedora, a suit and smokes. The way how Mr. Lydecker met The Detective Mark McPherson was odd, in the bathroom. The story will evolve with so many faces and tones.
  5. In my opinion ,the opening of the scene ,it was boring and stupid!!. I don't know anything about cinematography, but the shots were the wrong ones .The idea of POV was OK, however; the result was bad. I can not even express with words the plot it makes nonsense.
  6. I actually have seen Film Noir movies without knowing. The opening of the movie is, so peaceful!! all people are minding their own business; suddenly, someone is kill in cold blood without having second thoughts. It seems to me that in the period of time actresses came to dominate the genre Film Noir.The contrast and similarities between these two women are fatal .One can sense the feeling of superstation how the movie started in full moon and ended with a new moon.
  7. it feels like you are in the train!!! so fast just waiting in any moment to crush. Getting through the dark tunnel. I couldn't stop thinking the last train was derailed a couple of weeks ago.it was dark ,ugly and sad.
  8. The song was creepy. It 's set the tone of the movie dark and silence .Where innocence and careless went along with the story "as long as we can still heard them". It's not much difference what's happening than in real life .We sent our children to the school thinking a safe place and bang!!The Director was genius to set the mood- children playing-middle class- poor suburb.
  9. La idea es genial, encantada de estar aqui .ojala!!! que se tome en cuenta.
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