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  1. I totally agree with the comment made by "A Ryan Seacrest Type" about the character Jerry Mulligan played by Gene Kelly. To me he is a brash American acting brash to another brash American. Being an artist set up on the street to paint and sell your paintings with people passing by and sometimes commenting on your work is all part of it. If he can't stand the heat, he should "get out of the kitchen," so to speak, or choose another place to paint. As a so-called Alpha male, he seems to have a very thin skin.
  2. I highly recommend to you "Leave Her to Heaven" as a great film noir viewing experience starring Gene Tierney. It is one of my favorite noir films.
  3. After watching this final Daily Dose, I can honestly say that all of the Daily Doses have contributed immensely to my further appreciation and understanding of film noir. I feel like I have learned so much these past two months about this fascinating genre of film that can only aid in future viewings of film noir and film in general. My deepest thanks to all who made this wonderful learning opportunity available to so many of us!
  4. Yes, I have seen Laird Cregar as Satan in "Heaven Can Wait," and he, indeed, was very dapper. It is such a shame that he died so young--only 31 years of age, I believe. I am anxious to see him in the movie "I Wake Up Screaming!". I've read it is one of his best performances. I just ordered it from Amazon. Have you seen it?
  5. This scene from "Desperate" is like classic film noir 101. It has elements of everything we have learned about in this course: the characters definitely seem archetypical, the shadows and lighting going from light to dark and back again (the swinging light is sensational!), the bleak mise-en-scene with German Expressionism written all over it--all we need to complete the scenario is the requisite femme fatale. It also has a definite Anthony Mann vibe, I think. He never pulls any punches in his films. Having just been watching a number of films lately with the great Laird Cregar (his "Hang
  6. I was hooked right away while watching this clip from "Elevator to the Gallows," weren't you? I wasn't planning on watching it, and now I can hardly wait! Such seductive music to pull us in! Such a feeling of longing was evoked by not only the characters' dialogue, but the music, as well. First, the close-up shot producing such a feeling of intimacy, and then the camera pulls away, and such emptiness! I couldn't help feeling what they were feeling. And then, BAM! Such a feeling of dread. Music has such a way of speaking to us on a much deeper level than mere words. Most of us watch movie
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