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  1. Any tips on getting only the newest comments when you start on the thread?? I have clicked to the very latest page number (having read the earlier pages) but there seem to be repeats from many of the earlier pages that I've read. All good stuff though. Cheers. Email: [...]
  2. To rrrick, you lost me at diegetic. sorry, but smoky night clubs, dames in backless shimmery glam gowns, champagne cocktails, and YES. sexy music from a sax all go hand in hand. Cut the prof some slack.
  3. Laura would be a lesser film without the gorgeous Raskin title song, and yes, music definitely enhances and underscores so many movie themes. When you think of North by Northwest, Vertigo, Psycho, can you think of them without Bernard Hermann's great Hitchcock's scores coming to mind??? I can't. Sorry to the person whose comments my last batch went into at the end of their post. It looks like they were your thoughts, but it sounds like you wouldn't disagree. Guess we are all finding our way around the messge boards this week. Cheers. Great comments on what no doubt will be a memorable course
  4. I agree completely. This guy had about as much sex appeal as alfred e newman. He was more tall, blonde and robotic rather than tall, dark and sexy. Robert Taylor must have been busy making the great Johnny Eager. Now HIM, I could consider doing bad things for.
  5. I am basically posting this to see if I am anywhere near the right spot for noir comment. No desire to touch Twitter with a ten foot tweet. Looks like the lectures will be wonderful. I am a noir fan from way back, but where oh where is my fave of all time Double Indemnity?? Poor Fred, he was lost at the ankle bracelet!! And hello to fellow coures members.
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