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  1. The POV here is a great tool for making us identify with the main character. Not only do we see him first, he is in danger (physically) and trying to escape prison, therefore we are also curious as to how he ended up in this situation. By increasing the level of identification with this main character, it hardly matters to the audience what he did or why he was in prison; we're worried about him and so we'll stay with the story and likely believe whatever he says because of it.
  2. The beginning of this film seems like an amazing pre-cursor to the traditional film noir film. The bleak mood, the quiet calm that seems too good to be true, the shattered silence- and of course, the beautiful femme fatale.One of the big things that stood out though was that there is a backstory the audience will be privy to later in the film- we've entered, as is often the case with noir, somewhere in the middle - or even near the end of the narrative and will discover what led to this murder later, when it will have the biggest emotional impact. The chronological style of traditional films i
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