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  1. This short could go many ways for a story, Perhaps the gardner works for the kids family and the kid causes trouble just becausebhe can. It also speaks to the mischievious nature in us all, would we pass up the opportunity for some fun at someone elses expense? I think thats why slapstick has always made people laugh. None of us would want to be the receiver of the prank but it is funny to see it happen to others.
  2. To me the clock adds tension only after I see the shadow of Ray Milland sitting there watching it. Like he has been counting the time for awhile. Then when you see leave and the sign shows he was in an asylum the full insight hits. Then you are left with why he was there and is he really OK to leave?
  3. He is not as gritty as you would expect a noir gumshoe would be but he is sharp and to the point.
  4. The first person POV adds some uncertainty to what we view. Usually the audience can see what's hiding around in the bushes, in this you cannot. Once the radio report happens you know Bogie has to do something but what? He knocks the guy out but does he take the car, get out and run or something else?
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