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  1. The film is master director Howard Hawks’ adaption of the novel by Raymond Chandler, with a screenplay written by famous screen play writers William Faulkner, Leigh Brackett Jules Furthman. This is one of my most favorite classic film. The film opens with Private detective Philip Marlowe (Bogart) entering in the big mansion is summoned to the mansion of his new client General Sternwood (Waldron). The wealthy retired general wants to resolve gambling debts of his daughter Carmen Sternwood, owed to bookseller Arthur Gwynn Geiger. Charles Waldron appears only in the opening scene for a few minu
  2. The Killers by director Robert Siodmak is considered great Film Noir. Burt Lancaster and Ava Gardner were new comers in this film. After the film was released Lancaster became an overnight star. Gardner's performance was widely acclaimed and she won Look magazine's award for the best newcomer of the year. The film also established Siodmak as an A grade director. The movie doesn't really explain the motives behind all killings. The Killers was based on Ernest Hemingway's short story of the same name. And in that story also the killing and the motives behind are not explained. Ava Gardner had
  3. Film Noir Course From Chai Vaidya My Comments of Film Ministry of Fear Ministry of Fear is an early Thriller from Fritz Lang that involves Nazi Spies. The main characters of the film are Ray Milland as Stephen Neale and Marjorie Reynolds as Carla Hilfe. Ray Milland is a great actor. I liked his acting in Dial M for Murder. During the German bombing of London, this film noir espionage thriller centers on mentally unstable Stephen Neale. Neale returns to London after two years in an Asylum, but he is seemingly not sane. On his way back to London to rejoin community, he stumbles across
  4. From: Chai Vaidya Sub: My impressions on Film Laura. Otto Preminger was a great Director. I have seen most of his movies. I have a copy of Laura in my Film Noir DVDs collection, and I have seen it few times. Laura is one of the best movies with romantic storylines. Cliftom Webb’s opening line “I shall never forget the weekend Laura died” draws the audiance in the story before they see his face. Another memorable line is “It was the hottest Sunday in my recolletion”. Clifton webb’s acting as Waldo Lydecker is excellent. This Film was an itruduction as a detective for Dana Andrews, and
  5. Director Delmer Daves' Film Dark Passage: The first scene of the film Dark Passage shows Bogart as convict Vincent Parry escaping from San Quentin. We don’t see his face, instead we see him escape. And we see whatever he sees. It is an interesting utilization of first person POV. The audience is watching this Film from the viewing angle of Bogart's head. The camera movements are such that the audience perceiving everything from Bogart’s eyes. Watching this film you feel like you are not just the audience but you are an escapee with him and that adds to tension. Making of this film requires
  6. William Wyler is a great Director. The opening scene in “The Letter” is played at the rubber plantation in Malaysia. The scene is very effective with the sound of the droplets in the bucket, camera movements and lighting. Added surprise comes from the sudden gun shots just when the camera is showing all workers taking nap. The whole scene combined with the lighting, camera movements and sudden gun shots is a definitive contribution to the Film Noir style. Bette Davis is one one of the greatest stars. The entry of Bette Davis with the gun is very good. The camera moves to the sky, where ther
  7. About Film M: Fritz Lang is a great Director. However, this film is from the the beginning of his career, so the pace of the film is very slow. I speak German, so I enjoyed the film. The opening scene of the Film with children singing a song about the man chopping head, camera moving form the top, the lighting, then the camera panning through the stair sets the tone for the Film Noir. Peter Lore is a good Actor. But I felt that his actions were sometimes conspicuous. Also, the public could detect him sooner than the Police!! I followed the hot discussion of two Officers at the Poli
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