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  1. Certainly a prolific era of comedy films and maybe the golden age of physical comedy films but comedy has evolved. Audiences have become more sophisticated, as have films. Retrospective treatments of silent era films help shape and focus viewing films that might otherwise be underappreciated. It's difficult to envision a world without talking pictures for those who have never experienced that era.
  2. As a photographer I envy the cinematographer's ability to capture so many different lighting situations into such a brief scene. The silhouette in the doorway has to be the classiest way to highlight a woman's figure without the cliche pan-up from the legs or shadow behind a scrim. Very memorable.
  3. It almost sounded like she was singing "put the blame on 'me'". Which I think she was. She was telling a story, likely her story, through song. The song was another vehicle for narration but it was very potent because of the dynamics between Gilda and the audience and Johnny. She not only provoked the audience with her sensual, albeit clumsy dance but threw it in Johnny's face. The tension was exacerbated by Johnny not interupting her performance and climaxed in the smack afterward. The titliation was a huge bonus because who doesn't want to see Rita Hayworth do a striptease and made the film
  4. A lot of history and personality is revealed in a very short time through scene, voiceover, interaction of the characters, and Lydecker's recognition of McPherson's name and past. The furnishings and style of the residence contrast with Lydecker's frail frame but match his demeanor. McPherson looks out of place but not uncomfortable. His attitude reveals experience with the likes of Lydecker and he's living up to his expectations. As Lydecker gets out of the tub he even shows pity. Mystery and murder are presented in the first few moments of the film informing the viewer that they are
  5. There is a button at the top of every page called "View New Content" that does just that. Use that button to do just what you want it to do and let the forums sort chronologically so that everyone else can be happy. You are clearly in the minority on this topic but you make your point after every post to the contrary. We get it. You like things backwards but fail to recognize that the world sees it the other way.
  6. I think you fail to realize that there is a reason that the posts are numbered in the first place and by displaying them in this way defeats that purpose. I like to have my mail displayed newest first but this is not a mail reader. It appears that you don't have much experience with forums or forum software. Deaf ears, I suppose.
  7. The firebox, the tunnel, the grime, the loud sounds and whistles all create an unsettling environment that keeps the viewer on their toes. Along with the editing, this creates a lot of tension for the viewer while the men are confident as they go about their work. The train carries the men to and from distant places on a regular basis. The same track, the same equipment, the same crew. Day in, day out. It's their job. It's their station, so-to-speak. I love the detail and accuracy of the locomotive and its operation. The camera locations and angles are right out of the GoPro playbook but t
  8. It's not just what order you want to see posts in. It's how posts are numbered. The post number should be tied to the post and not change. As it is, the post number changes as new posts are made. This makes referring to posts by post number useless. The "View New Content" button in the bar above is what should be used to quickly see new posts that have been added since you last viewed the topic.
  9. This is really backwards. Posts should be in chronological order and if you want to see the newest posts you can use the view new content button. Not only that, posts can't be refered to by number because the post number changes as new posts are made. Argh! Surely this can be fixed by the moderator.
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