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  1. I think Stephen King would be excellent as a Collaborator because of his work with the macabre.
  2. I'm not sure but I think '''The long kiss goodnight;' would fit in this category because of the double chase.
  3. 1. Frenzy opens during the day with an aerial shot of London while The Lodger opens at night with a close-up of woman screaming. Frenzy clearly shows more technical advances than The Lodger. 2. well, HE starts with the aerial shot and brings us down to earth. The POV shot showing us what the crowd sees and the close-up of the speaker. 3. Well, I think.he is conveying that politics is going to play a role in this movie and it could get ugly. There will be a lot of mud slinging which is why I think the movies opens at a political rally.
  4. 1. well, She changes her appearance as well as her identity. It looks to me like she has problems with taking things that aren't hers. 2. Hitch uses Hermann's score to convey the fact that something is not right and things are going to get strange. 3. Personally, I thought his cameo was intriguing and I think that it meant that he was trying to be polite and not walk in front someone coming down the hall.
  5. 1. I think this scene would be the start of a romantic comedy because she pretends to work there so she can get to know him better and he just plays along with her. We learn that they are attracted to each other. 2. Hitchcock uses bird sounds to make the mood cheerful while the atmosphere is (I think) more friendly. 3/ The cameo of him walking his dogs was just that a cameo and I son't think it had any importance to the movie.
  6. I like this title design because of the way the title and names are split up witch I think symbolizes the personality of Norman Bates. Hitch is trying to convey that its still a work day and that she is having an affair on a long lunch break. I think that Hitch i trying to make the point that these two will be the main characters.This reminds me of Rear Window. Hitch pushes the bounds of censorship through the the fact that these characters are partially undressed/dressed.
  7. 1. Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint are both good actor/actress. I feel like while she is flirting with him he is just eating it up if you will (I know I would). 2.In this scene, The R.O.T matchbook is an important prop I think because it makes you think about "What is the O for?". 3. The soft music in the background as the sounds of the train rolling on the tracks, I believe has a soothing sound that kind of sets the mood for this scene..
  8. 1. According to the images and sounds of this sequence, I would assume the film would be about a man suffering vertigo show his POV when it occurs and the dizziness he feels. 2. The most powerful image to me is when they do the close-up of the eye widening and the spiraling image inside the pupil, I believe this to convey the fact that when you suffer from vertigo you get really dizzy from things spinning in your head. 3. I think that the precise timing between.both musical score and the images is extraordinary and it would be a sin to have any other musical score.
  9. I forgot to thank Mr. Cellini and Dr. Gehring and TCM for helping with this course. Here is a joke: Do you Know what you get when you have a werewolf on the beach? Answer, Sandy Claws
  10. Thanks for the insight on slapstick through the years it has help me have a better understanding of it. I look at the silent era comedies differently now and I really enjoyed the class. Maybe in the future we can explore science fiction because I really enjoy sci-fi.
  11. According to the clip, I think the spoof style of Ferrell & Mckay is more of a slice-of-life type of slapstick (gang fight with chains and knives) than Brooks kind of slapstick however Woody Allen would fall in between with the (Gorilla soldiers). The cameos in this scene< I think work because they bring a certain type of excitement to the fight. This is a good question because I think there was a combination between Peter Sellers and Leslie Neilson...
  12. I like the older gags of Abbott & Costello better than that of Will Ferrell.. I'm not a big Ferrell fan however I do like some of his movies. I am feeling a little sad knowing this is the last week for these films so if I want to see more I'll just have to put in a gag order for more. I've enjoyed everything from the silent era to recent films.
  13. I think ZAZ;s approach to film parody and spoofs is very comical with the airbag gag and again with dart gag. ZAZ's approach is similar to Brooks/Wilder in the clamp on the guys nerve compared to the dart on the guy's neck. Ckouseau and Drebin are both bumbling idiots in their own ways but I still like Clouseau better than Drebin.
  14. This clip in my opinion can be compared to Sennet's Keystone Kops with their physical slapstick ( bumping into each other, falling down, tripping on stuff etc ) to the ordering of tis absurd amount of food which is more conceptual slapstick.
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