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  1. I didn't realize that the POV continued throughout! I commented that it would make it too gimmicky and feel contrived, so I'm curious now to see the entire film and be able to judge for myself. I now have the feeling, though, that I'm not going to like it as much as I did for just the opening scene.
  2. I thought the POV was very effective--I liked the way we followed Bogart's line of vision from leaping out of the pipe to scanning the ground to then peering up above the the roadway. I think it also contributed to the attitude of panic and desperation as he was pulling through the brush and looking left and right to decide where to go. The tension was increased because you really only had a view of his hands, and they were agitated and grasping--again, very effective. I' have not seen the entire movie, so I'm going to infer the POV is for the opening only--that would be the only way to avoid
  3. I love Bette Davis--she has the greatest expression (or lack thereof) in the opening scene of The Letter. If you're going into it knowing it's film noir, then you can't be too surprised that Wyler opted to create a serene yet clearly ominous mood before the shots ring out. The perspective is very interesting--you feel like you're walking (even when the camera pans to the rooftop of the shelter) through the vegetation and then peeping in on the men as they obviously unwind after working in the fields. The shot of the moon as Davis glances upward and then drops the gun is interesting--is she loo
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