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  1. My mom used to diss modern avant-garde movies. She didn’t like the non-linear plots and the twists and ambiguities, and I used to argue with her that’s there’s no odder turn in a movie than for a group of people to suddenly burst into organized song and dance! THERE’s surrealism for you! Just depends on what you’re used to.
  2. My favorite is Singin’ in the Rain. I can’t help it. But I’ve always liked It’s Always Fair Weather, especially “Baby You Knock Me Out”.
  3. It does feel like a cartoon and I loved it when I was a kid. As an adult, it's pretty and fun and clever, but it's too broadly played for me now. This one and Those Daring Young Men in Their Flying Machines and their Jaunty Jalopies--loved all three of them when I was a kid.
  4. May I ask you one thing more? Can I delete a profile? I have an old one that for some reason doesn't have permissions to post, and I couldn't make it work, so I created a new one that works fine, but whenever I click a link to the message boards from my e-mail, I'm logged in to the non-working profile. I have to sign out and sign back in with the second username. I don't see a way to delete a profile.
  5. Thanks very much. That will hellp a lot. I think one of my problems is I'm trying to do this on an iPad and everything is very tiny. I need to enbiggen.
  6. Thanks, James. This time when I logged on there was a little red "notifications" button lit up at the top right. That's the first time I've seen that so maybe that's the ticket.
  7. Probably a dumb question, but how do I see replies to my posts? I get e-mail notifications, but the links take me to the tops of the message boards, not to my posts or replies to my posts, and these are some looong message boards. I can see my posts if I go to my profile, but I can't see replies there. What's the trick I don't know?
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