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  1. One aspect of the opening sequence that struck me, especially with the score, was with regard to the competition with television at the time. As has been well explained by our Fearless Leader, and as we have learned, the film industry was scrambling all over the place in the '50s for ways to attract it's former audience that was now sitting in front of the TV back into the seats of it's theaters. One program that I remember as being extremely popular in the '50s, and therefore reliably kept a great number of folks out of the theaters, was a "police drama" which was done in what I now recogni
  2. Finally catching up on the Daily Doses, 7-"Pendulum". I'm new to learning about film and may not use the accepted terminology but my thought about the pendulum setting the mood of the movie is that it reminded me of hypnotism and being controlled by something (unconsciously) by something not in our (conscious) control. Actually looking forward to watching the entire movie.
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