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  1. I had this post under another topic (Psycho--Key Scenes) but someone removed it for some unknown reason. OK the shower scene, right? As amazing a piece of cinema that it is, I feel it's value is in shocking the audience. Hitch traditionally didn't like shock as a technique. He preferred letting the audience know the killer was about to strike. Case in point is when Arbogast goes to talk to the mother. The audience is thinking "don't go up those stairs" as he slowly ascends. Same thing when Marion's sister goes to investigate the house. The key scene for me, and the creepiest, is t
  2. Checking a calendar shows that December 11 fell on a Friday in 1959, the previous year of the film's release. It was first shown in New York in June of 1960 only 6 months after "the events in question". For those that like revisiting filming locations, head to Phoenix in 2020 for the next Friday December 11. Make sure to do it in a 1957 Ford Fairlane.
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