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  1. They say clothes make the man, and in this opening scene the not so subtle use of shoes tell you everything you need to know.
  2. You can actually see that she took his breath away. Very subtle, but very powerful. She captured him but he wants to be on top.
  3. I think Spade is more world weary, he's been kicked around a bit and knows life doesn't always pan out the way we want it to. As Marlowe he gives his age as mid thirties (hard to believe) but not quite as jaded as Spade, more optimistic that things will turn out ok.
  4. I am amazed by the courage of the people in the diner, warn the Swede, get the cops. These hit men are serious people, they wouldn't hesitate to take everyone out and in fact the thought did cross their mindsThe music highlights the urgency of the situation, the man from the diner is on a mission and won't rest until he completes this mission, much like the hired killers.
  5. My original thought was hey prison is not too bad, window, bed, lots of room, but then I got to see exactly where he was when he left the building. Brought the clock into the forefront for me, the ticking would drive me insane. No pun intended.
  6. Marlowe's (Powell's) good looks are deceiving, first impression is this is an attractive man who is not too bright. Marlowe (Bogart) gives the impression he would shoot you first and ask questions later.
  7. I thought Lydecker was menacing, would use his pen as a weapon like Lancaster in Sweet Smell of Success. Interesting how they focused on the clock several times and this object became a pivotal part of the film.
  8. I thought the driver was more threatening than the convict. Seeing him through the convicts eyes made him more annoying.
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