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  1. 1.How does the opening of Frenzy differ from the opening of The Lodger? Feel free to rewatch the clip from The Lodger (Daily Dose #2) for comparison. The difference between the two films is The Lodger opens with a woman screaming after the credits. Frenzy opens with an aerial shot of London and a gathering of individuals listening to a person discussing the environment when there is a discovery of a women's body. 2. What are some of the common Hitchcock touches that you see in this opening scene? Be specific. Hitchcock makes a cameo appearance, this time among the crowd and the tur
  2. 1. Based on the opening sequence alone, what do you feel you already know about Marnie as a character? In what ways does Hitchcock visually reveal her character through her interaction with objects. Based on the opening scene one can sense that the character of Marnie has something to hide and what is in the yellow bag is of significance to the character. Furthermore, the audience does not see the Marnie's face until her hair color changes. Through the use of objects Hitchcock reveals that Marnie is an impostor because of the multiple Social Security cards that she has along with the two sui
  3. 1.In what ways does this opening scene seem more appropriate to a romantic comedy than a “horror of the apocalypse” film? What do we learn about Melanie (Tippi Hedren) and Mitch (Rod Taylor) in this scene? For one thing, the character of Melanie tries to take on a position as a sales person with no knowledge of the different species of birds that exist and what naturally occurs and Mitch is aware of her lack of knowledge when it comes to the subject of birds. What we learn about Melanie is that she is a character that has gotten her way and what we know about Mitch is that he cannot be foole
  4. 1.Even at the level of the dialogue, this film is playing with the idea that two Hollywood stars are flirting with each other (e.g. the line, "I look vaguely familiar.") How does our pre-existing knowledge of these stars function to create meaning in this scene. It creates meaning because Cary Grant was in a prior Hitchcock film:"Suspicion" and Eva Marie Saint was in the film "On The Waterfront." 2.There is minimal action in this scene, so any deviation from the overall pattern of focusing on the faces of the two leads will have increased significance. In that sense, discuss how Hit
  5. Describe what you think this film will be about simply from the sounds and images in these opening credits. Even if you have seen the film, try to focus on these sounds and images themselves and “the story” (or if not "the story," the mood and atmosphere they are establishing) that this sequence is communicating to the audience. Based upon the sounds and images in the sequence communicates to the audience a feeling of on distortion and confusion. 2. In your own estimation, what is the single most powerful image in this title sequence? Defend your answer. To me the singl
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