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  1. Honestly I don't think the POV added much. When he was going through the brush it gave a bit of a feeling of desperation. The rest, however, didn't add much. Frankly I think seeing the "grit and determination" (or whatever emotion Bogart was feeling) would have been more compelling.
  2. To me the most "shocking" element was who did the shooting. In the 1940s especially, but even today, movie-goers would be much more likely to view any of the Asian characters as potential villains...certainly as opposed to a blonde-haired woman. Hollywood was not very keen on female murderers at that time. This sequence, therefore, challenged the more expected portrayal of "villains". In addition, I think what this sequence does is almost mocks traditional movie openings at the time by luring us in with what initially looks like a more traditional "peaceful" setting. And then very abr
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