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  1. Not sure I agree. If anything, it is the whites and their so-called "civilized society" (Slight spoiler here so go away if you don't want to know anything about the film and haven't seen it yet): Which is on trial, both literally and figuratively. I do not see the Asians as being portrayed as negative in any way shape or form. There are certainly "cringe worthy" examples in Hollywood cinema of this year and before and after. I don't see this as being one of them. Don't want to hijack this thread, and I certainly feel that there are few minorities if any, who have been more
  2. I wasn't too surprised by the killing, however I was surprised by the brutality of it (how she empties the gun, well after any "threat" could be present. Although I didn't know that the movie would open with a killing, it's not unprecedented in a film of this sort. Equally surprising, was the calmness that others have also noted. This film, in its opening, exhibits in early example of a later much used trope: something shocking at the beginning, from which everything unfolds in retrospect. The "spotlight" (both literally in the moonlight, and figuratively, in terms of the narrati
  3. I agree with all of this, except it's not her husband. Watch the scene again, and you'll see from what is said, that the victim is not her husband.
  4. Well, this opening with it stark contrast as has been noted, drew me right into this film. I have since watched the entire thing (no spoilers here). It's a noir opening, for a very noir film. I think those who have mentioned observations regarding colonialism and class, are also right on the money (pun not intended, yet appropriate). I think one of the things this opening as well as the rest of the film shows me, is at least what I consider noir, a much wider category than I originally thought. And the moon is definitely a character, or at least a Greek chorus in this movie.
  5. Well, here I am participating & replying. I love film noir, am a recent fan of the Out of the Past podcast, which helped inspire/create this course, and I'm looking forward to going deeper into my investigations along with my fellow students and the lead investigators. The real truth is: any excuse to watch films noir, both again and for the first time. I can never get enough! I just watched Hell Bound for the first time today. That is one tasty dark dish! Know what I mean? Here's to going into the shadows and coming out alive, even if bruised…
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