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  1. I read a comment about the newsreel feel giving a "torn from the headlines" feel to the coming story, allowing us an easier emotional buy in. George Carlin observed that news is more impactful the closer it is geographically to us. I think the same psychology is at work when we are more invested in a film story "based on actual events".
  2. I see the noir influence here in how the scene is set up with the furniture and the staircase, how the actors move around the scene and how the scene is lit and filmed. I think this references the mise-en-scène which takes us from mildly inquisitive to a stark revelation of "I'm seeing you for the first time..." I feel this uses the noir style in that the scene begins by starting the daughter on the sofa, reclined and self satisfied, with the mother standing. Then bringing them around the sofa to the table, the scene intensifies, more on equal footing as the daughter begins to reveals her true self. Using the over-the-shoulder close-ups emphasizing the building confrontation, climaxing on the staircase with the daughter slapping the mother from a position of dominance. This all works to provide the mother with an ever increasing loss of control and helplessness to the point she disowns the daughter for which she has sacrificed so much. I think this is important as it deals with a relationship outside of cops and robbers. As I've heard often, you can pick your friends but you can't pick your family. A good example of what not to do in our own lives.
  3. I thought M to be much more foreboding. The shadow passing over the wanted poster while a child is bouncing her ball against it was much creepier. The use of the clock as it marks time then clicks forward a minute built anticipation that was felt by the prisoner when it finally chimed 6:00. 3 minutes on the clock pass on 55 seconds of film. The doctor talks about speeding up the clock. Lang's purpose? Any thoughts? I felt the Noir style ellements are well balanced but not as heavy handed as in M. More subtle but with a balanced use of Noir style lighting, framing, traveling shots and composition creating an insane man's anticipation for London.
  4. I first saw Farewell My Lovely while working at a movie theater. I didn't get to see Murder My Sweet until sometime later. Both had pretty good dream/drug sequences but I like the earlier version better.
  5. Just saw The Letter. Wish we could have seen the earlier version, too, to compare. I really liked the use of filming her shadow as she left her room and through the garden at the end of the film.
  6. She didn't murder him, she simply ended his life matter of fact-ly. Good effect with the moon shadow.
  7. I can't find the "Summer of Darkness" forum
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