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  1. I too notice how lonely this unnamed city looks as if it has been abandoned by all except the crooks and cops. Kansas City Confidential in contrast is buzzing with activity.
  2. Discuss the scene in terms of its acting and staging. In this brief scene, what do you see as the interpersonal relationships between Sam (Heflin), Walter (Douglas), and Martha (Stanwyck)? If you have seen the entire film, avoid larger points about the plot, and focus simply on what you are seeing just in this scene. What struck me is the dialogue with innuendo to a past (or hoped for) relationship between Sam and Martha. The camera allows you to see Walter's reactions as these other two characters reacquaint with each other. I have not seen the entire film, but this scene makes me want to see it. Also, earlier in the scene, before Martha enters, you can clearly see the disdain in Walter's (Douglas') face when Sam (Heflin) asks him to fix his problem with a woman who is in jail. Walter does not want to do it, but Sam tells him that he will with no uncertainty. This exchange indicates to me that Sam has something on Walter and that "most respectable citizen is always the most criminal."
  3. The opening, with its credits running backwards, the gasping breath, the slap of bare feet on the pavement intrigues me. We are quickly given answers - that she has escaped from an asylum - but I have more questions than answers at this point. I definitely want to see more of this film.
  4. Beautifully said. I saw the entire film over this weekend and your description describes what viewers are in for.
  5. Yes, I see the same differences between Marlowe and Spade. Credit to Bogart who played both characters so well for us to see those differences.
  6. The gritty contrast of desert against fertile fields fed by a man-made canal to generate a multi-million-dollar industry worked by immigrant labor - narrated by an unemotional newsreel/documentary voiceover. The setup here is that you know there will be corruption and things will go wrong because the system itself - and its motivation for profit over human comfort - opens the door for those who would break the law. Wow, to think that this film was made 66 years ago, and we are still dealing with the same issues - it is just mind-boggling! I enjoyed this clip; and I want to see the entire film.
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