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  1. Peter Lorre exits the elevator projecting the jovial, slightly bumbling character and we watch over his shoulder as he unlocks his room and enters to find it ransacked. Music changes and there, looming in the doorway is Sidney Greenstreet. He has a gun, but he is still the sophisticated, fastidious fellow who spouts learned, almost poetic prose about books. Lorre still seems bumbling and confused, we watch from his prospective. Greenstreet sits and the camera crawls up to him as if the cameraman was on his knees begging. As the scene develops though Lorre reclines and there is an idea that he
  2. I love the way you can sense the heat by how bright everything is and the fact that people keep moving toward shaded areas and into cooler shadowed places like the cantina and movie theater. Mitchum is a great actor, slightly sinister but beguiling all the same. You get a feeling right away that there is a deep back story here. Someone thinks he owns this woman for some reason, Mitchum is a person hired to find her and she is intrigued by him. If she is still running as the VO suggests why take the risk of getting involved with a stranger? Another noir theme of bad choices ending badly s
  3. It seems to start as a pleasant little documentary about farming in California, but with the pictures of the workers caged behind the fences and the mention of the huge amounts of money that will be made it quickly becomes clear that the contrast between the haves and have nots is going to feature strongly in the story. It strongly suggests that there is likely to be an unhappy ending. I look forward to watching this film.
  4. The music, the emotions, the changes taking place in the world at this time were all unsettling as is the performance in this clip. It seems straightforward at first, she is a singer doing a provocative number to get someone's attention, but it turns deadly serious when she says she isn't good with zippers and suddenly men are rushing up and pawing at her. The person whose attention she is seeking is certainly caught by the act. Their interaction is far from what you would think, if she were trying to seduce him it didn't work. It becomes obvious that that was not her intent, she has some
  5. I haven't seen this film yet, but the clip was certainly an attention getter. I, too, like the dancelike movements, first one is looming over the other then they stand equal only to reverse as the daughter is higher on the stairs. It appears from this clip that the mother has the upper hand, but I wouldn't bet on it. The daughter seems to be a determined sort who will go to any lengths to get what she wants. I wonder if she knows what she wants or if when she gets what she thinks she wants she will discover it wasn't worth what she traded for it. The music and the way the scene is shot add
  6. The shooting of the scene enhances the tension, paired with the sirens and barking of dogs you get a sense of desperation that someone making a prison break would feel. I think it lends itself well to this movie since it means we will only see the actor after the plastic surgery that will change his face, but it also serves to enhance to feeling of confusion and isolation the character faces at the beginning of the film.
  7. I am a huge Bette Davis fan and love this movie. It jolts you right awake, from an evening after work has finished and everyone is settling down for the night to sudden gunfire. You watch her shoot the man, deliberately emptying the gun into his body as he lays on the ground. The play of moonlight, first full light, then clouds obscure everything and then the moon is back, shining brightly on the horrific scene and Bette Davis pulls herself together and begins to issue orders. The emotions she had allowed to show in the darkness are reined in, totally under control again. Some questions come t
  8. The images in the opening scenes are vague at first, a dark place with fire resolves into a firebox on a train. The train is racing along, whistle screaming toward something we can't see, scenery flashes past only half seen. Then the train races into darkness as it enters a tunnel, it emerges to be racing toward an oncoming train which is fortunately on another track. Tracks merge and diverge and things we don't understand are happening, all very fast. I creates a feeling of unease, once more something is happening, but we are not sure what it is, the characters are racing toward an unknown an
  9. Children's games and rhymes have always had a macabre element, ring around the rosey, Lizzie Borden took an axe, and this chanting, counting out game is just another, but it gives a clue that something is going on that is terrifying and the woman's reaction on the balcony reaffirms this for us. We see a loving, hard working mother happily preparing a meal for herself and her child, wiping the dish, checking the soup to make sure all is ready when the child comes home. At the school more affluent parents await their children, but one little girl walks home alone, bouncing her ball and oblivious
  10. In both movies you understand right away that something is going on that you are not in on. You are standing at the edge of a shadowy world where something sinister lurks and it is unclear who to trust. I like the references to time and faces. It accentuates the fact that the character feels as is he has been alone, separate for a long time and he wants to be a part of the living world again.
  11. The apartment is opulent, who has upholstered chairs in their bathroom? The idea that he indolently works while soaking in a bath is interesting. In the bath he is apparently fully exposed, but like so many things under water it is a distortion, a mask. He is so self absorbed he doesn't see how condescending it is to treat the detective as if he were a valet. Hand me a washcloth, hand me my robe. Fantastic way to start a movie. Each character has many layers, like the apartment with many things on walls and shelves, each of them brings their own history to the scene. We get a glimpse of how th
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