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  1. This was the fist "Road" movie that I ever watched. It was enjoyable. What are everyones favorite of the "Road" movies?
  2. I have several: I am not a fan of Hello Dolly or Cats but movie musicals I hate Bye, Bye, Birdie and Les Miserables. When my dad and I heard that Les Miz was being made into a movie we were so excited. It had been promised since the stage musical became a big hit. As soon as Russell Crowe opened his mouth i was like "oh here we go ..Yuck" Now i just pretend that it doesn't even exist. The cinematography is really annoying (extreme close ups of the actors face) just to prove they were singing live. If they wanted people to sing live they should have gotten people for the film that d
  3. 1776 is one of my favorite musicals. I have been watching it since i was a kid and my Dad was a big fan of Musicals so he definitely taught me everything I know. He knew a lot about the history of this film as well. It was many years that we watched the cut version of the film even though on the back of the prerecorded beta and VHS tapes had a photo from the "Cool Men" number. Anyway when it came out on Laser disc it was the first time that included all of the additional material. Jack Warner had ordered all of the cut material to be destroyed and we are so fortunate that the person that
  4. My Dad was a huge musical fan so before I could talk I knew songs from a ton of musicals. Godspell was one of those musicals. I think its a really interesting telling of the Gospel of Matthew. I love "Superstar" as well. I think the music is great and its interesting to see how the tell the story. I have seen this several times on stage in local productions. Some hit it right on the nose and some completely miss the mark.
  5. I have always liked High Society better for some reason. I honestly have only seen the Philidelphia story a few times and it has been a long time ago. Maybe it is time to go back and revisit it again.
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