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  1. Anything with Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly! My dad worked a day job + night job in the 70's, so when he brought the Pizza home after 11 pm, I woke up and went downstairs to join him! We watched the black and white classics together, such a way to share I was his Princess. Thank you, Dad!
  2. My observations are so similar to your #2 answer. I noticed the "eyes" , color change, rushing and fluid movement of cars and people and machines. This is a very interesting course!
  3. For me, the diagonal lines of the landscaping and fencing indicated film noir immediately. This was contrasted though, with the narrator educating us about the farming industry and the dependence on Mexican farm workers. Yes this seemed like a documentary. But at the end of the clip, the narrator described the danger they face and that pushed over into the film noir category once again. I intend to watch this film!
  4. I have not seen the film, I have only watched this scene from Gilda. She seems right on the edge of being out of control, and watching the reactions of the audience, they too are right on the edge of losing control during her performance. She is using them to respond to her man, Johnny. She is at the center of attention, but in a gleeful and negative way. She uses the audience response to attack Johnny. The musical number is her means to express herself and advances the plot, it is not for entertainment.
  5. Do you feel this film's use of first person POV in this scene was successful or not successful? I did appreciate the first person POV technique for the scene. -- How do you think the use of a first person POV added to the tension of this scene? Film noir always has a tension between known and unknown, so I felt the opportunity to be inside his head was an effective way to accomplish this. -- In what ways can the opening of Dark Passage be considered an important contribution to the film noir style? Automatically the main character is in complete control of the screen. We only know
  6. I have not seen this film yet. The opening scene contrasts the normal routine of the workers resting for the night, seemingly just like any night, with an unexpected event - the sound of gunshots and a man dead on the dirt. It is such an abrupt change, whiplash. The slow pan of the camera through the men's sleeping hut does not give a hint of anything sinister about to happen. Betty White stands over her victim, the full moon shines and her shadow is cast on him. The clouds cover the moon and darkness falls. Yet when the clouds clear, she sees the reality illuminated, unable to cover the death
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