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  1. There is little doubt that Bogart is Marlowe--he tells us so the first time he opens his mouth. He is uber-confident, but in a smooth way. He clearly has some culture; he tells us he is college educated, and his manner supports it. I agree with the comments about the hothouse. Clearly it foreshadows the "heat" that Marlowe will find himself in.
  2. The lines of crops and trees in the aerial views mimic the lines in the fences. The documentary-like narration lets us know that this story won't be pretty.
  3. I thought that this opening scene was very "un-Hollywood." The men wore dirty uniforms, they didn't talk, their work was plain and average; in fact, they could have been anyone. On the other hand, they did their jobs as a team. Hand signals kept them connected; each was familiar with the job; this is just another routine route...And that's the point. There is clearly a point coming when this experience (or someone's experience) will be anything but routine.
  4. What sounds like a children's game is far from it. But the parents sound completely resigned to the situation--as long as they know where the kids are...
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