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  1. I have seen this movie in its entirety, but I need a refresher on it, so I'm glad I'll be seeing it again tomorrow; I think that not showing the character's face in the opening, (and for most of the movie), makes it the most suspenseful. You just HAVE to know what he'll look like! Also, Humphrey Bogart is just wonderful.
  2. To begin, I love Bette Davis. I started this movie once, but was unable to finish it so I am glad I'll have the opportunity to watch it again. The moon seems to be very symbolic in this scene. It is at first beautiful,peaceful, shining light on happy citizens who are playing beautiful music; then it is covered by clouds, creating an ominous environment after the murder. And finally, the moon reveals itself from the clouds to shine light, not in a cheerful and nurturing way, but to reveal what she has done by showing her shadow over the dead body. Very powerful cinematography and use of symb
  3. I felt that this opening scene contributed to the film noir style, simply in that it is mysterious. The images of the moving train are very realistic, and the content seemed to be just a normal day for the characters with no surprises, which really feeds to the intrigue of what will happen that makes this film fit into the genre.
  4. I personally thought the killer was going to get the woman after she got in her apartment. Her concern over the children singing that song and then deciding that "at least they knew they were there" seemed to me to be a set-up for her murder. I've never seen this film, (obviously), and am very intrigued by it. In a few select words, I'd describe it as "creepy" and "ominous".
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