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  1. Miss Hayworth's character is in an upscale night club, but she proceeds to do a bump and grind routine that's more appropriate for a strip joint. In doing so she brings the club's affluent clientele down to her level. Or were they there already. One thing I've about noir is that it depicts a society that appears cultured and benevolent on its surface, but below it is a cesspool of corruption. And the more affluent one is, the dirtier one is likely to be. I also noticed how careful the filmmakers were not to violate the production code. Very little cleavage is shown, and she only removes two gl
  2. The combination of the set and the dialogue tells me who Philip Marlowe is. He's a low-rent detective who is no dummy and has his own code. His office is in a shabby building with litter in the hallways. He can't afford a secretary and his water cooler either hasn't been cleaned in a year or is filled with stagnant water. The only thing of value that he owns is probably the suit on his back. Yet he intends to follow thru on his "sale" to a deadman. He's sharp: he quickly sizes up that this woman is not who she claims to be. If he didn't have his own code of honor he'd probably make a bundle wo
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