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  1. Trying to read the required reading, but Lady in the Lake is so intriguing I can't turn it off. " Why don't you just be beautiful " .... Lol
  2. I enjoyed They won't believe me.....much brighter lightings do less shadow than other noir films. But the same sucker who dooms himself from guilt and lust for bad women. What great sets and decor. Is that an RKO style or just the movie story to create wealth?
  3. Woman on the Beach, notice the footprints on the beach are raised like a mold of a foot, not indented like they should be... Wouldn't a low budget film just make real footprints.
  4. I have not watched this movie yet , but seeing Rita Haywort, I can't wait. It is difficult to post a comment beyond all I have read, without being redundant. So I will say, I see a powerful woman sending a message of destruction the only way she knows how to her man!
  5. The film Laura's opening scene was not like the usual Noir opening scene. It was more brightly lit and attractive to the eye. Waldo watching from the other room was his way of reading the detective before actually having to speak with him. He noticed how sensitive the detective was to the surroundings. Waldo was soaking as if he hadn't a care in the world, Well rehearsed and comfortable talking to the police. But, what is he hiding, he knew her better than anyone else... so he said.
  6. The opening sucks you in to want more, to learn more about this mysterious woman, her life and why she is willing to kill so easily and not afraid of the penalty. The moon practically has it's own lines to say, she looks at it as if it actually spoke to her. I love the shadows and the walking into the scene point of view.
  7. I've loved TCM and black and white movies for many years . I have seen most of these movies but was never aware of the term Noir. I'm excited to view them with a different eye. The opening of this film in my opinion is very dangerous and fast. I feel it is portraying to the viewer a sense of a thrill and excitement of the way the conductor lives his life. Not afraid of pushing it to the limit. The fireman goes along with him, taking orders and does exactly as he is told. He needs direction and the conductor is just the man to do it. The empty train station and the lonely look of the rail ya
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