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  1. Twentieth Century Fox and Fathom Events present a One Night screening of, "Young Frankenstein", in theaters around the country on October 5th, 2016. Includes a Live introduction by Mel Brooks himself. Go to the following link to see where it is playing near you. http://fathomevents.com/event/young-frankenstein Event Info re-posted below from Fathom Event page Date: Wednesday, October 5 Time: LIVE at 8:00 p.m. ET / 7:00 p.m. CT / 6:00 p.m. MT / 5:00 p.m. PT Run Time: 2 hours 20 minutes (approximate) Ticketing: Tickets are available by clicking on the orange “Buy Tickets”
  2. Action + Comedy = Slapstick In another post I referenced a video entitled, " ", which analyzes Jackie Chan's special form of Slapstick comedy. The Author uses the term "Action Comedy" to denote the fact that Jackie's films are action movies, but that term stuck in my head. Then later, I was going through scenes of the Marx Brother's classic, "A Night at the Opera", trying to find clips of slapstick scenes. In the movie there are great comedy scenes, but they didn't all feel slapstick, Why? Then it dawned on me, the ones that felt slapstick had to have some kind of Action associated w
  3. The old link still shows the bad schedule, but TCM has uploaded a new corrected document which is being referenced by their splash page. Since they didn't just correct the old document, but uploaded one with a new name, anyone who has used the old reference for a link will need to change it. I have corrected my original post and it now takes you to the new corrected documents location. I have also corrected the letterboxd page. Thank you ShawnDog for noticing this. http://slapstick.tcm.com/img/Slapstickschedule_2016.pdf
  4. Reply to Question from Drosera: "Where did you find the "modern slapstick movie list" of which he was left off?" I was referencing the TCM slapstick series coming up entitled, "Ouch! A Salute to Slapstick. The last parts of the series look at slapstick in the 1970's, 1980's and beyond. I was surprised to see that a Jackie Chan movie was not included in this list, so I wanted to bring it to the attention of other students interested in diving deeper into slap stick comedy. If you look at the bottom of the page of this posting area, you will see a tagged reference to a post I made enti
  5. I was a little disappointed to find Jackie Chan absent from the modern slapstick movie list. Jackie is highly influenced from the likes of Harold LLoyd and Buster Keaton along with the comedy traditions of the Chinese Opera. One of my favorite YouTube channels, Every Frame a Painting, has a great video entitled, " ", which discusses Jackie's unique form of slapstick comedy, which the host dubs, "Action Comedy". Also, watch these video showing some of Jackie's homages to Buster Keaton and Harold LLoyd along with other classic films. And finally a youtube list of vide
  6. That's great, Professor Edwards. I'm totally fine with you posting it anywhere you would like. I hope everyone can get some use out of it. I've also added links to each movies TCM article where they exist. To see the links, you will have to click the "Read Notes" button at the top of the page located just to the right of the title. I'll also plan to add links to the movie's internet archive page for any public domain movies.
  7. Companion Guide to Canvas Course: TCM Presents Painfully Funny: Exploring Slapstick in the Movies http://slapstick.tcm.com/img/Slapstickschedule_2016.pdf I've also created a public Movie list on letterboxd.com: http://boxd.it/MbA2
  8. I'm on board too.....Loved "The Summer of Darkness" last year.
  9. The Alamo Drafthouse Mainstreet Theater in Kansas City, MO will be showing the new 4K restoration of, "The Third Man" on the big screen at 7pm on July 28th, 2015. Click below for details and ticket info: http://drafthouse.com/movies/the-third-man/kansas_city?_m_utk=cb26cbdd6f58297fc9efccdfd93c38e1
  10. Thanks for the insight, Mr. Muller. We all really appreciate you taking the time to create the PrimeTime movie set for the TCM Spotlight and I can't wait to watch your selections.
  11. Does anyone know what the Set List title for tonight's (June 26th) Prime time with Eddie Muller is going to be? So far we've had: San Francisco Noir The King Brothers John Alton, Cinematographer
  12. The Summer of Darkness Viewing Guide for June 19, 2015 put on the Canvas site by Dr. Edwards, shows that "Get Carter" is the Neo-Noir for week 3, but the TCM SUMMER of DARKNESS Festival Schedule pdf shows that the Neo-Noir being shown on June 19th is, "Thief". While I'm sure that both of these films are great examples of Neo-Noirs, I would like some clarification on which one will actually be shown by TCM as I assume that it will also be the one that we study. Thank you
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