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  1. Noir is Noir, whatever the nationality.. Fritz Lang, from Germany, has some of the finest, darkest films ever. "M" was shown this past Friday, and whether the course will include one of the greatest Sc-Fi films, "Metropolis", also by Lang, I'm waiting to find out.
  2. I am a LITTLE unsure of the usage of POV.. From my life experiences, I have taken it to mean Point-Of-View, but frequently, I find that what is referred to as POV is still NOT from the individual's point of view, which I think should be as if the viewer, ME (as the audience, observing), would see what the 'person' is viewing/doing.. I have never studied film as an acxademic, but once conversed with a film student in a bar; I asked him how he would film an opening sequence of THAT bar, he was at a loss, but I gave him twelve ways to film it, depending on the genre of the cinema, and other facto
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