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  1. Didn't get to watch Laura but have seen many times before, and it is a favorite. Waldo strikes me as one who tries to present himself as removed and above all others but inside he is completely consumed with Laura.
  2. The barrel with San Quentin on it gives you all the information you need at the beginning of the clip. Since you never see Bogart's face in this scene you feel his isolation. The questioning driver leads to the realization that this ride is doomed.
  3. A full moon usually signifies something ominous doesn't it. The music feels lurking and restless, then the gunshots carry through on that feeling and escalate it. There is no doubt that Davis' character intended to kill but once it is done and she enters that house standing with her hands as though they are dirty you feel that she is completely aware of her surroundings.
  4. The engine fire in the opening scene for me conveyed a sense of danger. The momentum of the train made me feel as if it was leading up to something catastrophic. I almost expected another train on the tracks coming towards this one or a body on the tracks. When the train went through the tunnel I thought perhaps one of the engineers might be missing when I came out of the other side. The music however, did feel somewhat adventurous, as one post already observed.
  5. Sorry I am so late posting for the class. I noticed another post that described my feelings of burden during the opening scene. It also struck me that the children do not seem fearful only the mothers. There seems to be only one moment in the clip that isn't foreboding and that is when the mother is setting the table. Even this becomes twisted since the child may never come home.
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