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  1. I haven't signed up yet and am hoping they'll work out the glitches soon. But it is disappointing to not be able to receive the guide in print. That would just make life easier and be so much better than another email newsletter; if anything I've been unsubscribing from lists because I don't want more - I want less. I hope this will all be reconsidered.
  2. I keep reaching for the September Now Playing guide and it's not there... That's the only tv guide of any sort I get - I even use it to jot down a note of something else I need to remember because I'm used to looking at it everyday. I feel like I lost my daily planner. Yes I could print a schedule but it's not as good as having a nice guide for the month. Would TCM reconsider printing Now Playing at a higher subscription rate? I felt like the subscription was a good value and I'd be willing to pay more to start receiving one again. As good as TCM is in so many ways, I hope they will think
  3. So who's in? besides me, I'm signing up. The film noir class was great, one on slapstick comedy sounds like fun. I've always loved the Marx Brothers, it'll be interesting to learn more about them and other comedic film greats. Looking forward to it!
  4. It is singular, 'The Bicycle Thief'. It's a good film but a rather dreary portrayal of life of that time and place. The NY Times has original reviews of many films from the date published - here's the one from 1949. If you haven't seen it, you might want to wait to read the review as it does explain parts of the plot. SPOILER ALERT http://www.nytimes.com/movie/review?res=9F0CE1DE133CE53ABC4B52DFB4678382659EDE Each Daily Dose of Darkness was so much fun. Long term I think I might prefer it weekly (although that wouldn't work with the D's!). I'd already seen many of the movies sh
  5. Didn't 'everybody' have a little black book? Seems like that was the thing to do, so I imagine Preble might have had one. I think Nora coming into the office might have been showing her apprehension in even coming to the press - she's seemed scared and anxious not remembering exactly what happened and thinking she was responsible for Harry getting whacked. (Well, she did whack him a good one but didn't bump him off!) So the scene seems to portray her being so on edge. And I think Raymond Burr was great playing a slimeball, he's so good at it!
  6. Rififi has a plot that can be gripping and the safe cracking scene itself is fascinating. Having taken the film noir course I have a better appreciation now for Dassin and the film.
  7. It happened again today... I logged out yesterday, closed out the page, came back to the site and I was still logged in. So I logged out again, came back, later and that time I was signed out. Then today I got on here and I'm already logged in... Going to try it again, usually I try to make sure that box is unchecked, but I'll give it another go. edit - Tried again, same thing happened, definitely not working for me.
  8. I think the clip seems to establish that even if Marlowe is hardboiled, as a detective he's in business, that it's a profession. He seems smart and observant. Standing behind the chair he seems to take in Ann's purse, her hands - what he sees confirms what he suspects, that she isn't what she claims to be. He seemed smart enough to anticipate that once he'd let on that he knew she wasn't a reporter that she'd probably head for the door. By the end of the scene he'd managed to find out the truth.
  9. I'd noticed when I'd come back to the board it showed I was still logged in. I thought at first I hadn't logged out but made sure the last time that I did log out (at least I'm pretty sure I did). So when I got on today it showed I was already logged in.
  10. I can't get this to work either way; I tried resizing one of my photos to the proper size and adding it to my Flickr page to link here but it didn't work.
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