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  1. The POV enhanced the opening. It pulled me in and did what a movie is supposed to do, engage within me an emotion, yet enticed me to continue watching to see what would be the prisoners fate.
  2. When the darkness falls and she turns back to the moon, I can't help but wonder if it was that influence that caused her to kill him. I was surprised by the upfront killing, but look forward to put together the "w's".
  3. The train itself seemed like the villain. A master to the two slave workers. The setting left you feeling like you were almost on a collision course, but pulled in safely to the destination. It was the fear of the unknown which is why It fits the film noir style so well.
  4. Despair, Hopelessness and Fear. From the settings conditions and the haunting children's song, to the nonchalant way the one woman reacted to the other when mentioning the murderer on the loose. "As long as they are singing, we know they are still there" How sad of a statement when looked at in the opening of a film bound to have tragedy within it.
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