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  1. I realize this was a last week's film, but I just got around to watching it. It's a stunner in so many ways. The acting just blew me away! Robert Mitchum certainly earned a place in film history along with Kirk Douglas, but I think maybe Jane Greer is somewhat underrated. She's a real standout in this film and really puts the 'fatale' in the noir structure of this film!
  2. I'm with the first comment by jistoops about overdoing it with an analysis of these films. While I applaud the efforts by so many others to pick out all these details and multi-influences, I wonder why we have to find significance in almost every frame of film! I agree that it begins to take away some of the enjoyment when you scan every little detail in a scene. I get that it's possible to observe overall influences, but I think it can go too far and seem 'forced' after a while. I can't imagine that the original audiences bothered or cared about such things. They were in the theatre to enjoy a gripping film... so I hope to be a bit of an intellectual analyst--but I want my primary goal to be entertainment.
  3. purpleplay

    MAURICE (1987)

    It took me a few years to get over the huge crush I developed on Rupert Graves after I watched this movie (many many times!). That full-frontal nude scene in the bedroom with Maurice and Alec was indeed thrilling, BUT the sheer romance of their passionate kiss in the boat house near the end of the film...fueled my dreams and daydreams for a LONG time!!!
  4. Yes. The actor on the right is Julian Ovenden of "Foyle's War" fame (he plays the son) and "Downton Abbey" fame (he plays Lady Mary's suitor Charles). He was also in a WWII themed movie last year called "Allies." AND he's an accomplished singer in British (mostly) stage musicals. His first CD came out last year (lovely voice). Of interest, he played several scenes in the complete, full-frontal nude in this play! I wish I had been in London to see him, ah--I mean the play, of course! ????????????
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