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  1. 1.) Another Hitchcock inspired thriller is 1987's "The Bedroom Window". The films is a homage to Rear Window and stars Steve Guttenberg and was directed by Curtis Hanson. 2.) Another Hitchcock remake is 1976's "The Lady Vanishes" starring Elliot Gould. This was the last film produced by Hammer Studios. 3.) Full title of The Birds II is The Birds II: Lands' End and the film was 1994 made for Showtime movies.
  2. 1.) Most definitely I think Brian DePalma would. I think composer Giorgio Moroder and Alan Silvestri. Also, Tangerine Dream. 2.) As for screenwriters, I could see Hitchcock working with David Mamet.
  3. 1.) Another film inspired by Hitchcock is the 1994 suspense thriller (American giallo as well) Color of Night starring Bruce Willis and directed by Richard Rush. 2.) Some of Italian filmmaker Dario Argento's films are inspired by Hitchcock most notably 1975's Deep Red and Do You Like Hitchcock ? 3.) There was a science-fiction retelling of Hitchcock's film, Lifeboat. A 1994 TV movie entitled "Lifepod" was about several people trapped in an escape pod in outer space.
  4. Also inspired by Hitchcock is Halloween directed by John Carpenter The movie "Bats" starring Lou Diamond Phillips was inspired by "The Birds".
  5. 1.) A series of films that were not just inspired by Hitchcock, but were direct continuations of his storyline from "Psycho" were the three "Psycho" sequels: Psycho II Psycho III Psycho IV: The Beginning (This third sequel was a TV movies and was written by Joseph Stefano) 2.) Currently, there is a series on A&E Network called "Bates Motel". There was also a TV movies called The Birds II". I think it was broadcast in the 1990's, but I would have to double check. 3.) No to mention that Anthony Hopkins played Hitchcock in a biopic ab
  6. Casting Sean Connery right after he had done the first James Bond film, Dr. No, as the lead in Marnie was a courageous move on Hitchcock's part. Since we know from analyzing how Hitchcock used stars in his films, do you think Hitchcock was trying play with audience expectations of Sean Connery's on-screen persona in Marnie ? By casting Connery in the role of a man who struggles to help a woman who is suffering emotionally and mentally, he seemed almost to be saying to the audience you thought this was going to be an adventure/romance film like Dr. No where Connery(007) wins the girl's love ri
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