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  1. I tend to avoid Marilyn Monroe biographies as they end up just being inaccurate; I'd love to get a recommendation for an accurate one (if such a thing exists). Bob Thomas's bio of Walt Disney is one of my favorites, and Marion Davies' memoir is hilarious, right down to her lying about her age on the first page, so take the whole book with a grain of salt. I also enjoyed Maureen O'Hara's biography. I'm looking forward to more now that I've discovered Thrift Books!
  2. Hands down, my favorite ending is Witness for the Prosecution. To avoid spoilers, I won’t post a clip🤣
  3. I had never heard of this website, I’m in love already!
  4. I definitely was skeptical, because I couldn’t help but hear the bias. It confused me, because the tone of the book didn’t exactly indicate a love for the material he was writing about.
  5. I've been listening to this book while working, but something hasn't been sitting right with me. Perhaps it's the author's seeming obsession with pointing out eroticism whenever he can, the perceived snobbish tone that seems to be coming across, or the way he glosses over or criticizes certain movies. I'm curious, has anyone read this? What are your thoughts on it, both just as a book in general and it's credibility as a resource for film history.
  6. This is such a helpful list! I especially love the tropes you gave. I had forgotten about the smoke filled rooms.
  7. I was hesitant to watch Baby Jane for the longest time because I'm a horror wimp. After watching Feud on FX, though, I knew I had to give it a try. I found it enjoyable and Ms. Bette, as always, was fabulous. Joan Crawford...while she is good, what can I say I've always had a preference for Bette in their feud.
  8. Hello all! I've been a fan of film noir and mystery/detective stories for a long time. Although I'm a great fan of film noir, I realize that I have limited myself to only a handful of noirs (i.e., The Maltese Falcon, Laura, Double Indemnity, and The Postman Always Reads Twice). I'm interested in seeing more of them (especially through programs like Noir Alley). The reason I'm really starting to look for information right now is that I'm planning on running a DnD game (admitting that always makes my nerdiness stand out even more, haha). One of the campaign settings I'm working with is very
  9. As a "yungin" myself, I have to disagree, not to mention the reality that some of those films will become classics someday. I will say something that I imagine will be an unpopular opinion for some people. It's 2020. The reality is that those of us who were born in the late 80s/early 90s are either in our early 30s or reaching our 30s. The 90s was not 10 years ago (as much as we wish they were). Disneyworld is about to reach it's 50th anniversary. The 70s were forty years ago. Movies that were made in the 90s are considered old by today's high school students...nevermind movies made in t
  10. I need to begin paying more attention to the films shown on Noir Alley. I love the film noir style, I've always loved mysteries and detective stories, and thoroughly enjoyed the course that TCM did a few years ago on film noir. Beyond that, I'm an avid DnD player (what can I say, I'm nerdy on many different fronts) and there is a campaign setting that I've fallen in love with that feels very noir-ish, so I can't wait to watch more through Noir Alley to help me get more inspiration for my writing!
  11. I think it'd be great to do a film festival on TCM, have interviews done remotely, things like that. I know there are so many people like me who have anxiety already without a pandemic. Now that this is happening I'm having anxiety attacks daily. TCM could be a great space to forget about the world for a little while.
  12. This would be a great time to have an online course roll out. Everything is so uncertain and scary, we could use something fun.
  13. Hopefully there will be a course in 2020. I always enjoy them.
  14. I wish Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte was airing. I finally got around to seeing Baby Jane after watching Feud, which also made me interested in seeing Charlotte. I think it's on Amazon Prime?
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